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Sorrow Contained by ODSTshane Sorrow Contained by ODSTshane
Sorrow walked through the blood painted walls of the iris base,he smiled seeing the Iris odsts ripped apart mutilated,tore into pieces,then he observed his own metalic claw which was over his fingers,the tips of them went into the tiny figer tip slots of the claws under it.He looked at the blood dripping off his claw and licked it smileing.He stopped something caught his eyes.A iris soldier was crawling hsi eye to the exit,hopeing to get away.

"oh no"sorrow laughed" where ya goin partys not over!"sorrow said digging his foot into the soliders spine making him scream in pain.

"Thats right! scream for me! make me listen to that gloryious music exiting your yells!"sorrow said snapping a part of the mans spine.

the iris odst finally went limp as sorrow threw his body to the wall making it splat,as the body slide down the wall,a stream line of blood trickled down behind the ODST.

"HMMP!"sorrow said nodding up to the dead platoon of odsts.

"And you call yourselves strong.HA! pathetic!"sorry said laughing.

As he begun to walk out of the hallway,he heard something approaching.Suddenly he jummped up ,a large spartan had rammed through a wall and aimed a brute shot into sorrows face then fired.this sent sorrow flying until he hit the wall,his neck made loud cracks as he laid down smileing.

" are the one named sorrow..."the spartan began."Get up i know your not dead..."the spartan said not paying attention to sorrow but reloading his brute shot.

Sorrow rose up with ash over his face,his pale white fanged teeth where seen behind the solid black soot on his face in a insane wicked smile.,as well as his blazeing glowing red eyes.

"Well now.."sorrow said riseing up."you arent a very good people person,that or you have other ways to say hello for the first time,either way,that wasnt very nice."sorrow said blowing ash out of his mouth.

"And you are quite the monster,taking a brute shot grenade to the head and standing...the files from runas report where true...hmm..alow me to introduce myself,i am zeth leader of the iris spartans,and the spartan who is going to take you in."zeth said staring sorrow down.

sorrow cracked his arms,legs,and even his head and bent it all the way back then snapped it forward smileing his usual twisted sick insane smile.

"Well zeth,really i could give two shits who you are,and what?"sorrow said laughing." You;re saying your going to capture me....buddy take a good look at your friends here"he repiled moveing a hand to the mutilated ODST soldiers from iris."They didn't even get a chance,what in the hell makes you think you're gonna get any chance to capture me? huh freak?"sorrow said pointing at zeth smileing.

"Simple,i knock you out by beating you until you are unconscious,drag you to our transport,and lock you in a padded cell,in our base.sound good?"zeth asked.

"PFFFT been there done forget i did just massacure oh about..hmm.."sorrow though counting with his claw and other hand." forty of your soliders,in about 5 minutes."he said smileing and chuckleing a bit."You can try try and try again hell send a entire horde after me,and ill still kill em all!"sorrow said showing his teeth,all where fanged.

"Well....shall we begin?"zeh asked getting ready as he equipped his gravity hammer,and turned it on,it zapped with electricy.

"GAAAAHAHAH AAAHAH,really!? you challengeing me!? oh that hammer seems kinda big actually.Its gonna be fun when i shove it up your ass!"sorrow said laughing,then flinging his claw to the right as it turned on,red plasma dripped off it it illuminated the ground as the droplettes melted through the base's floor.

Zeth nodded and charged at sorrow,he over towered the shadowstalker as he lifted his hammer and swung it trying to hit sorrows side.

Sorrow flipped over him and grabbed him,the claw hand grabbed and pirced his armor,the other free hand grabbed his neck and brought him back,sorrow dug his head in the ground and kicked off him and slid to where he just was a minute ago.he finished off by standing up and smileing.

"See?hahaha!"sorrow laughed" thats weakness....chargeing ahead,and i thought you'd be a challange."sorrow shruged closeing his eyes then reopening them.

Zeth rose from the attack and shrugged it off,he cracked his neck by rolling it around,then grabbing his hammer and standing up.

"Impressive."zeth said."No one has ever actually got a grapple on me before."

"Pfft whatever can i get this over with ive got things to do ONI soliders to murder."sorrow said annoyed this time.

Zeth used this moment to grab sorrow by the head,he dug him into the wall,attempting to knock him out.blood exited sorrows face as zeth heard sorrow laughing manically.It didnt do a damn thing to sorrow,this upset zeth.

"You hink ramming me in a wall will do anything!?HA what a waste of energy!!"sorrow laughed.

Zeth grunted and begun slamming sorrows head into the wall,it made perfect imprints of sorrows head with each hit it became more detailed,blood rushed off sorrows face as he continued laughing manically.Suddenly zeth felt a hand grab his wrist,sorrows free hand wrapped around his wrist as he begun to squeeze.Sorrow twisted it making it snap,zeth backed off and grunted in pain,but snapped his wrist back into place.

Sorrow got his head out from the wall and turned,hsi eyes glowed their bright neon red.blood trickled down his face,he licked any trail that past his lips and smiled.

"My turn..."sorrow said,cloakeing and dissapering in the shadows.

Zeth stood in the little light from the ceilings hole opening,the moonlight shined on him,total darkness surrounded him.Then he heard footsteps run around him,first it was one set,then two then sounded like three,he picked his hammer up and sung around in a circle two times,then silence.Zeth relaxed for a second,then something grabbed his back and began stabbing the bak of his armor.Sorrow was ripping pieces off it while damageing zeth a bit.

Zeth tried to hold onto sorrows head,as he bummped into the hall hopeing to crush the sadistic Shadowstalker,it lead to no anvil.

"Give it up zeth! you're threw!"sorrow said chuckleing,when all of a sudden a leg had connected to sorrows face sending him flying to the glass window,it cracked as sorrow looked up,it was another spartan.

"W-who the fuck are you!?"sorrow asked.

"the spartan gave him a silent cold stare,then turned to zeth" zeth i will deal with him."he told his superior.

zeth rose and held sorrow by the throat,sorrow laughed at this.

"AWW wanna smooch for that wound on your cheek?'sorrow joked seeing the claw scratch on zeths cheek.

"No but"zeth began."Your about to go for a little drop."he said as he smashed sorrow through the window of the 12 story building,sorrow watched as the spatans watched him descend below.he hit the ground and tried to get up.

"G-god-d-damnit.."sorrow said falling down,going motionless." all..."sorrow said weakly as he closed his eyes,and the red glow with it,now dark.

Sorrow awoke in a padded cell,he felt his arms around his chest and something strapped behind his head,he was in a straight-jacket with a face mask for protection.

"Oh joy."sorrow said." im in a white vest in a pillow cell with a guard mask on me,fucking great"he mummbled as he jumpped up and looked out the iny hole through his cell.He noticed and A.I talking to zeth,who was bandaged up from all his injuries from sorrows attacks.He was in a bit of pain and had to use a crutch to walk around until his arm had healed up.Zeth noticed sorrows glowing red eye and walked over,there he slide a slide open to where he and sorrow could talk eye to eye.

" slept for 3 days,i thought maybe i had put you in a coma."zeth chuckled.

"Ha ha ha you fucking trickster,if you got the balls to fight dont call for damn backup.oh wait i forgot you where a giant bitch."sorrow mummbled.

"Say what you will im not in your position,hmhmhm...soon you will be nothing.and we will have that RAGE inside you...and let me say that the extraction process is....painfull."Zeth chuckled.

"Whatever,hey listen if you let me go i wont rip your spine through your skull when i get out of this."sorrow had threatened.

zeth laughed as he slide the slide shut,sorrow was now in total darkness,good.

Sorrow sruggled and used his finger to grab onto a strap and untighten it,he smiled behind the mask and got an arm free.He unstrapped the belts around him and pulled them off,the jacket was unstrapped.Sorro took his mask off and smiled.

"Told ya...been there...done that.."he said smileing as he climbed above the doorway and waited.

"You guard go get sorow ready make sure he doesnt escape."zeth said stareing a guard down.

"U-uh s-sir!"the guard said while salutein and grabbing a dolly that had straps on it.he whelled it to sorrows cell and used his card key and opened it.

"Alright sorrow get ready your gonna-what the hell!?"the guard said shocked sorrow was gone."i better call zeth he need to know this!"the guard said pulle dhis walkie talkie out and dialing zeths number.

sorrow leaned down like a spider,he wa supside down as he reached into the guards pocket and pulled out a knife,then he placed a hand over the guards mouth and stabbed right through his throat.the guard struggled then fell on the floor,dead.Sorrow flipped over and took his card key,smiled then ran out the door.

One guard saw sorrow running at him and aimed his gun.

"Freeze get back to you ohgah!"he mutter before the knife went into his heart,sorrow gripped it and slide it out,then stabbed another guard in the lung while spinning.he smiled as blood splashed on his face.

"Ah how funny it is,your attepmt at everything failed,but your shame to your family,that was fufiled."sorrow said stepping on the guards and moving to the door.He opened it as a fist connected to his jaw knocking him to the floor.

Sorrow got up smileing then looked up,it was bannic.

"Well well well,if it isnt Zeths quiet personal bitch!"sorrow said taunting bannic.

bannic gave him a cold stare then took both his knifes out.a case was behind him.

"A knife fight? im glad too."sorrow said smileing getting into a defensive stance and holding one knife.Both circled around in stares bannic had a silent dark gaze at him,while sorrow gave him an insane twisted look.the town clashed sorrow held one of the arms with his forarm,then stabbed into bannics armor.bannic grunted as it pirced his rib.sorrow laugh and kicked him off his blade and grabbed the case,he began running.

"Thanks for the gear asshole!"sorrow said laughed,iris odst's came to assist bannic who watched as sorrow dissapered in the hallways.

sorrow got to the pelican hanger and fought his way to one,hopping in it,he set the autopilot to the pelican hovered from the ground iris odsts fired at it,sorrow stood at the bay door and flipped them off,as he flew away from the base,escapeing it.

"damn it...."bannic said to himself." I failed..."he looked over to zeth who walked to his side.

" did well....sorrow is a very very difficult one to catch,but one day,we will get him,for now bannic,lets rest.then tommorow,we will hunt for them again."zeh said stareing down at bannic.
" Yes...zeth..."Bannic replied as they watched the pelican leave the horizon.


sorrow sat in the pilot sit and opened the case,inside his armor was fixed up,and cleaned,he smiled at his armor,getting a free touchup.suddenly two Wolf Pack sabers neared his pelican and sent a call to him.

"Attention lone pelican please identify yourself or we will fire apon you!"one of the saber pilots threatend.

sorrow grabbed the radio and replied.

" Hey assholes its me sorrow.think you can escourt me back to The Den?"he asked smileing.

"S-sorrow sir! but we got reports you where captured,yes sir! we will escourt you home sir!"

Sorrow laid his head back in the pilot seat smieling,holding the case in his hands,resting on the top of it.

" Just another day in my life."he said as the pelican and saber escourt dissapered in the snow capped mountains of alaska.
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