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The year is 2017,russia and america have bene at war with each other for 3 years now.A russian spetnaz squad assaulted a civilian mall ,killing over 400 people inside it.Then detonated a cluster bomb in the process.The us declared war on the russian federation the next day sending in over one hundred fifty thousand active combat units into russian providence's and countries allied with russia.

After two years of bloodshed and conflicts the truth was brought to light.The Russian federation asked the united states if they could send a KGB opertive into a suspects estate in a five star hotel in Dubai.The united states agreed and gave russian 48 hours to find the evidence.A russian KGB operative known as "Sound" went into the suspects estate and found the truth,and brought it into the light, unfortunately giving his life soon after.The evidence was clear,what the united states and the russian federation uncovered shocked both them and their allied states. A man named Joseph marshal attacked his own people in the country dressed as russian special forces.Not only this,but he was gathering a terrorist organization known as"The third union".

Soon after a peace treaty was held for russia and the united states in Moscow  in January 4th 2017.The united states and russia agreed both would hunt Joseph marshal down and bring him into justice,making him pay for the crimes he has committed.

Soon after,the third union terrorist organization took over Dubai, Baghdad, Italy,most of the African continent,invaded the Ukraine,some of Russia, Switzerland, Normandy, israeil and the united states. Though israeil was the first to push the enemy back,the middle east fell under The Unions banner.Germany, French polish, Swedish, Spanish,United kingdom and turkish military forces are fighting back against the union in full force,aiding civilians,training willing resistance members and milita's as well as giving medical aid to many of the wounded and sick.

The union still with Europe's alliance is too weak for the battle.

Russian and united states military officials began to wonder if the battle would turn in the Unions favor.Spetnaz,Russian Fox unit snipers,american navy seals,Delta force rangers,and green berets where too occupied to deal with the Union in key areas to cripple or weaken their advance or supply lines.They where training civilian militias,forming resistances and dealing with the Union on their own borders to infiltrate or eliminate any key areas of the union. Something had to be done, a solution to possibly finish the war.

The russian primer met with the united state president in Anchorage Alaska to talk about a solution.

Hours went by,options and ideas where casted aside,bu eventually both agreed to one idea.

A task force made up of few soldiers from the front lines and a special forces veteran to train them.

The decision was made and put into effect.

After picking six potential soldiers mostly from the ukraine russia and united states,the name was given to the task force.

"Ghosts of the fallen"aka, "Reapers"

These soldiers where deadly,throughout their training they shown each element of the united states,and russian special forces.

The fearless of the green berets,the keen eye of the RU Fox unit snipers,the deadliness of the Spetnaz,and the brotherhood of the Delta force.

These soldiers where among the best of the once standard foot soldiers,then turned into Reapers, watchers of the night,and hunters of the wilderness.

The bios.

!!Warning what you are reading below is for special operations members only,any civilain caught reading this will be trailed in a military court!!

Ulric krinkov

the leader, he is a true reaper,a ghost,a nightmare. He trained the ghost of the fallen task force trainee's by himself. He was a former Shock trooper of the russian federation.He respects and enjoys being around the other reapers.He considers them family,his true family.He has a very serious and cold nature also hes the most quiet of the group.But a reapers word are spoken through its actions.He usually carries a SVD "Dragonov" sniper rifle.Silenced P90 Smg,and a Scoped .44 magnum.His melee weapon is a tomahawk he made from scrape metal that he refurbished and crafted with his own hands.

David Ardan

the close quatersmen.David is the CQC expert in the Ghost of the fallen task force.He often carries a Spaz-12,tactical knife,Mp5 for longer range*has a built in silencer,stun grenades,his side arm is a mp443 with a tactical light on it.Hes the comedian and the joker of the group,hence why on the side of his helmet he drew a joker card on the side of it.He has a high liking to two other members. shane and sasha.He likes to goof off around shane and mess with him,but at the same time he treats him like an older brother.Sasha the same.David is a solider thats ready and willing to die for his brothers and sisters in arms.

Shane Dienkov

The Recon soldier of the task force.He carries a M417 semi auto sniper carbine.On tougher operations he carries a JNG-90 with a thermal scope and anti personal rounds.His secondary's are PP-19 suppressed,M1911 suppressed,and A 93R.For more serious and closed in ops, he carries a MTAR-21 named "linda" in honor of someone who died who he knew.Shanes personality is quiet and mysterious. he does speak but only when hes spoken to,he is highly protective of david and sasha.Shane has spilt personalities,sometime he can be heard talking to them like an actual conversation as if people where there with him in his room,which no one enters.Sasha and david try to comfort him when he has a breakdown.He just wants this bloodshed to end. and will go to extra lengths to achieve it.

Kazik pilich"Aka Casualties"

The marksmen of the group.He carries a M98B with a x12 scope.He loves nothing more than to take the head off a Union soldier thats eight hundred meters away.Kazik is half polish half Ukrainian but was born outside of Chernobyl.He doesnt like to go by his real name so he made a nickname for himself"Casualties"Hes a bit of a smartass but yet a good friend and soldier.Kazik is a dead on shot he often spots for shane and helps him in the field due to his 20 20 vision.Kazik wants to reach shane and ulrics level of sniping and has been shanes partner in sniping operations.He almost never is down,he and  david get along,kazik gets along with everyone infact.He is often seen cleaning evryone weapons in the armory of the bunker.

Carter novikov

Carter is the ace pilot of the group.During simulations his eyes exceeded everyone else in the task force.Carter began training in Piloting,and Air combat.He doesnt see much ground action due to this.Carter's training in flying both helicopters and jet fighters proved he was a born ace.During his helicopter training,a spatnaz opertive fired a rocket at carter.Carter trusted his instincts and managed to do a maneuver that few ace helicopter pilots have done,a barrel roll evasion.For this he gained an "airman" medal from the united states,and the russian federation gave him his own SU-35 super flanker for this.
He immanently went to train with israeilian ace's over the ural mountains.
Over a 4 hour dogfight and incapacitating 4 of the 5 israeilian aces,Carter was given his ace patch and wings.Carters peronalty is controlled laid back and a bit serious.He and kazik often talk and get along.Whether its in a helo,or a SU-35 blazeing through the sky.Carter is the ghost of the fallens guardian angel.

Sasha litvin.

the demo expert of the task force.Shes a recruit in training.The newest member of the group however well known by shane and david.She looks up to both of them she likes to be around both of them and cheer them up when they are down.She usually carries a A-91 assault carbine with a underbarrel grenade launcher.She specializes n c-4 and claymore explosives. setting up traps for the enemy to fall into.She also is a support gunner as well. carrying a M249 SAW into frontline battles.She often comforts shane when he has breakdowns due to his mental illness's.Shes the only female on the task force for now,but doesnt let anyone make her the damsel in distress.Sasha is known to be"the damsel causing distress" and mayhem quote from commanding officer ulric.

These brothers and sisters bound in blood and tears will fight against surmountable odds,faceing and fighting off fear,and go through some tough and emotional situations.But at the same time restoring hope,making people smile,and helping those in need.

The time will be called for each of them,they are among a brotherhood of blood.

"Brothers and sisters bound in blood, united we stand,we fight as one."~David ardan.
my own story i created. doesnt have anything to do with halo. battlefield metro 2033 ANY game what so ever.

this story is based in the close future so there will be more weapons i create in the story but for now its basically a modern day story set in the close future.

basically a errorist organizaion is invadeing the major countries and the special forces cannot help due to fighting bakc on the frontline and training civilians to fight.

so what does the RU and US do? form a task force.

and that task force is "Ghost of the fallen."

what will become of them? will they fall one by one? or be an unstoppable force to reckon with?

what secrets are held in this story? what horrors? what truth? what lies?

read and find out.
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KitsuneHavoc Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Very good. Keep it up, Lil' Bro.

It's very interesting. ^ ^
ODSTshane Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student General Artist
thanks big brother ^_^
KitsuneHavoc Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student General Artist
No prob. ^ ^
WinterSpectrum Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
nice bro!, i like the organization and the characters bio's...
as i said before, i like kazik's personallity, same with ulric and the rest.
hope to see more about it soon...
and same with the other stories XD
ODSTshane Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student General Artist
dont worry more are on the way.
AncientEchidna Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconahyesreapers::iconsaysplz:Ah, yes, "Reapers".

But in all seriousness, this is pretty good. ^^ I hope to see more soon. =D
facelessPysch0 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sounds interesting. I was thinking it would have some sort of Battlefield elements because of the 12x scope and other things because most sniper scopes are adjustable (variable) and can usually go from 8x all the way up to 16x if I remember correctly. And the correct term for a 'silencer' is a suppressor, mainly because they don't actually silence the gunshot because the decibel level is still quite high when using a suppressor but makes it harder to find where the shot came from.
ODSTshane Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student General Artist
sir the tiumes 12x scope is used on most bolt action sniper rifles to date. just because its in battlefield doesn't give it elements or similarities o my story. i stated in the description i didnt want to include anything that resembled any video game.

well dude it really doesnt matter which i use. supressed silencer doesnt matter means the same thing.

and a silencer does make it more quiet. true if theres alot of people around they will hear it.But if they are spread apart you cant hear a silenced or"Suppressed" shot from a few dozen meters away.

i appreciate you trying to help. but i already know all this.

and this story has nothing NOTHING to relate to in battlefield im studying military weapons that are standard issue and putting them in my story.

a 12 x scope is the sniper or "marksmen" standard scope used in all fields to date.

like i said thanks and sorry to seem like a jerk but i already know all this.
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