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Saturn's Orbit by ODSTshane
Saturn's Orbit
Exited a crucible match and found my   Warlock's ship orbiting the gas giant Saturn. What made me want to post this is just the sheer size of the planet, and the taken kings massive Dreadnaught down below in the middle of the rings.

Thought this was a nice screenshot of the planet before the Taken king dropped. May include a story at a later date with friends on xbox, been meaning to start taking screenshots/write again, and its a good way for me to get inspiration back.

Destiny belongs to Activison and Bungie.
Not to cause any drama, or bring up my personal issues (i keep to myself when it comes to those situations. I like to handle my issues on my own accord.) but recently I've felt a feeling of loneliness.

Its nothing bad, i just felt more keen on being alone than in a active group or with someone. Recently I've found myself single (i rather not discuss what happened, no one is to blame but lack of communication between the two of us, so respect my ex's space please.) and after I've just felt completely different. Even during i was feeling a bit solitary, like i did not belong, that she could find others way better. Not to guilt trip or look for pity, god no, but I've felt the distance and lack of communication was burdening her and i rather not put her through that. Above all of that, she and i are on good terms still.

Nonetheless, this all is sinking in now and its only getting worse and worse. I'm starting to be more hostile in groups, (not starting fights but just debates and disagreements, no language or insults are thrown at one another) and I've found myself wanting to be alone or just with one person to talk to at a time. I cannot quite explain it, but I've felt more just alienated i suppose? Now of course i have college, and it will drain me, as i am currently going into medical, so it could be just my mind getting used to not being in groups as much? but i doubt its that to be honest.

What I've felt is just, out of place. Like i do not belong with people, and that i'm just making things more glum or burdening people. Again, I'm not saying I'm the worst thing ever out there, no i doubt that (i am guilty of a many things, but not a total piece of trash.) And i have no thoughts of degrading my confidence in myself or harmful thoughts, i've just felt like a block weighing people down. Ever since a friend and i parted ways I've been more atone to handling my situations myself, often being alone and thinking deeply for hours on end, rather than vent out to people i know and care about. I guess i was just worried they may think i was going to be a "drama queen" or going to be an overall issue to someone. So I decided to just handle things personally and put it behind me and move on. Focusing more on the future rather than the past.

Regardless, Sorry if this put anyone in a bad mood at all, I just felt the need to come on and vent out a little bit of pent up stress on my shoulders, writing helps so i figured i post an update and talk to those who still watch me.

I'll be fine, don't worry, just a bit confused right now but i'll surely get back on track.

Anyways, take care everyone, and stay safe out there.

  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: Gra'tua Cuun (Mandalorian war song.)
  • Reading: Lone survivor
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Destiny
  • Drinking: Diet Dr.pepper


ODSTshane's Profile Picture
Yuri Dienkov
Artist | Student | Varied
"Many are exemplified by their words,i will be exemplified by my actions"

I shouldn't have to tell you who i am.that organization has posted my face on every wall,on every building,in every city,calling me a terrorist,a rebel,a monster,something that must be contained,i am none of these things.I am a shadowstalker,a experiment on the run from ONI,they're worst creation.Shadowstalkers where meant to become the UNSC's downfall,but all the years of testing and experimenting turned their shadowstalkers into monsters,candidates that lust for human blood,that have an uncontrollable anger in them,a psychosis they cannot fight.Oni wanted to preserve this,and labeled it RAGE,they would use this to conduct more testing and experiments on the candidates,this would prove to be one of their largest mistakes.Rage took over their hosts,turning them more brutal than anything they have ever seen.Many had died from this,the survivors couldn't live for what they become,many had taken their own lives so they wouldn't hurt anyone with that horrible ability.I escaped,after the fifth and final test.I'm not as bad as some of the others,in fact im about the most sane one out of all of them,but then again there probably are others out there more sane than me.I keep seeing images,as crazy as that sounds, i think the rage in me is trying to talk to me.I refuse to listen however,i dont want it to manipulate me.On the bright side of things,i've taken refuge with a special forces division known as Wolf pack in the UNSC.They're taking care of me,and im giving them any Intel,and help i can give.Theres this spartan four as well,named Auri,shes well interesting for one,but shes also a friends that's helped me through my outbursts.I don't know if i can exactly trust anyone yet,the only ones i can trust are the spartan,and alexandria the doctor who helped me escape through the lab.I swear ill do what it takes to bring ONI down,no matter the cost i have to give,ill make sure they never get their hands on another shadowstalker again.I swear

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